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Why Nutrient Wisdom


My main goal as your nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP), is to get your body back in balance. This is called homeostasis. I aim to find the root cause of an issue. Your nutritional needs will be evaluated and you will be introduced to eating nutrient dense properly prepared whole food. I will be assessing lifestyle behaviors that play a large role in some basic principles. These principles are digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration. By addressing these basic principles of wellness many other symptoms may take care of themselves. You may even have symptoms you decided were “normal" solve themselves.


One of the advantages of working with me as your NTP, is the individualized attention you will receive. I hope to work in person with you however we can also work together online via Skype. Every person is unique. It is my desire to help you find the balance that will bring you good health and happiness.


Join me in making lifestyle changes that will help you live a wonderful life to the best it can be. 

Start your healthier you today. One day at a time really adds up to noticeable change.


"The pain of regret is far worse than the pain of discipline"

Quote by Nathan Whitley